Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy to have all the new Bettys

So happy to have all the new Bettys, both in Toronto and Milton. We've had a few rides at each chapter and our race team has had it's first race with some personal firsts, podium finishes, and lessons now we all know the routine and the name of the game is FUN!

I am super excited about all the events planned but certainly don't want the time to fly by too fast. This weekend our Steve Neal Performance Learn to Ride Better clinic at Hardwood Hills was a great success. It's often very hard to accommodate all comers but I think, for the most part, we were pretty well matched and Steve is such a professional and experienced coach and instructor that everyone came away with a sense of some personal instruction and tips of areas to work on. The race team has had a few weeks off between Superfly OCup races and are getting ready for Ocup #2 this coming weekend at Mansfield Outdoor Centre. The weather is cooperating beautifully now that May '24' weekend has come and it is hard to concentrate on staying inside and getting work done ;P

In fact, I'm having a tough time completing any tasks fully except for my bike workouts, I do have my priorities!! Road endurance rides, Saturday crossfit classes, trail riding, and cornering clinics all have taken precedence over the report I need to write for work...though now that i have typed that i do feel more than a twinge of guilt, and better get it done before this short week's Betty rides on tomorrow and Thursday evening.

We've had a great turn out at both our chapters, and rest assured there is always room for you, we were able to break into three groups on Tuesday in Toronto and will continue to do that as long as the demand is there. A beginner ride is coming up on June 4th so come out a give us a try if you are a beginner.

I guess my point today is that there are so many opportunities, I sure hope you are taking advantage and having FUN!!

Ride On!


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