Sunday, November 17, 2013

So much news!

I am so excited about 2014. Our planning is in full swing, and I'm a little scattered trying to stay on task or at least trying to complete a task before starting on something new. For 2014 we've got some delegates  who are sure to stay on task with lots of new ideas.

First off I need to tell you that our FIT KIT has arrived from Louis Garneau.  Our First Responders Course is this week and members can come then or before and try on the correct size of shorts, jersey and jacket. The First responders course is for all our leaders and members are welcome too. We will be all set for a safe 2014.

Next up are our winter joyride visits. The first one is at the beginning of December on the evening of the 3rd. It is such a fun playground. We can learn more indoors at Joyride in the winter, to expand on our recent Jump Clinic. (Great video, did you click?) For us downtown dwellers getting out to the suburbs to meet after work can be a bit of a headache but wow, what fun we have after we get there!!! Can't wait for December 3rd.

I love to see the ladies learning and the smiles are so contagious.

This year we will be continuing our weekly rides in the Don and in Milton but we will be adding more destination rides to our itinerary for the club. 

Our race team will be participating in events literally all over the world in 2014. First up, Christie Simon, our northern Betty, will be  racing in the Trans Andes Challenge in January! Amazing! Next up Melinda will be racing in the Joberg2C race in April at the same time as we will be hosting our signup and socials at Sport Swap in Toronto and Mill Town Cycle in Milton. April 29 and May 1, respectively.

Okay, I know I've just rushed away the winter in a couple of paragraphs and I do not want to do that!! I have just begun my training and I will need all the time I can get to be ready for the 9 day trek across South Africa. So I will SLOW DOWN and savour this busy holiday season that has just started now that we've had the Santa Parade in Toronto. Tried a new workout venue lastweek, called powerwatts. check out the little youtube video the owner Augy Marmelo shot of Steve and I working hard in the Junction.

I am so excited!!!

Ride On!


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