Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

So this year has so far been a whirl wind of activities that are seriously interfering with training and all things Betty.

I've yet to actually complete any tasks...the kit design is underway, most of the sponsorship deals are buttoned down, the leaders are sorted for the new season, but the schedule isn't started, the race team is decided but their profiles aren't done yet, the ideas are flying but nothing put down onto paper yet...all because my personal life, that is a house move, is getting in the way!!! YIKES it all seemed so easy in my mind, anyone can eat an elephant one plate at a time, right? Holy, huge elephant!!!

Anyway, I am so excited about the new season. We started our 2013 Steve Neal Clinics this past weekend with a Crossfit intro at Crossfit Orangeville. Wild Betty members enjoy an interactive training forum moderated by Steve with discussions and training plans, built just for members! This is a fabulous benefit of membership for rides and racers, we ride better when we are fitter, period.

We've been to Joyride three times now as a group...it is sooo much fun....and coming up in two weeks is the 3rd annual Women's Weekend...if you are going we'll be there, stop by our tent for a chat and hear about all the Bettys has to offer!

I will get it all done, yes I will, with the help of the Bettys! Check the website often for all the latest, 'one plate at a time'!
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