Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We do it in the woods

Time is a ticking and the dates for our sign ups and for our first race are coming nearer nearer and the weather is not cooperating! This time of year we need the light in the evenings, check!; the rain to clean things up, check!; and we need the frost to come out of the ground, not check :(

Trails are very sensitive, and mushy trails ,when ridden on, just get wrecked. So we'll maybe have to stick to the paved paths for our first rides. Stay tuned to the website for the latest details as the dates approach. But a little rain and cold is certainly not going to affect our sign ups on April 23rd in Toronto and the April 25th in Milton. Come on out and see what we are all about.

I am so keen to share our riding and racing. We are not trying to raise funds, or save the world, there's lots of groups and events doing that. We are trying to share a super fun activity that you may not realize you can do. Mountain biking in the woods with friends provides an instant de-stressor for whatever your individual job, life, or family obligations are. You really can't think of anything else but the task at hand. There is such an exhilarating sense of accomplishment from leaning how to negotiate narrow winding paths, roll over obstacles , climb hills, and let it go downhill. Come and try, we'll show you. After all, 'we do it in the woods!"

Ride On!

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